5 Reasons Not to Let Search Engines Sell Your PLR Products

Do Not Rely On SEO TO Sell Your PLR Products

Don’t Rely On Search Engines To Sell Your PLR Products

To sell your plr products that you bought, re-branded, and are selling as a private label rights product, such as an e-book, plr videos, article pack, software program, or audio book, you should have a sales page. Whether that sales page is one you created yourself or one that came with the plr product that you purchased then edited, that sales page is what will sell your products – not SEO.

Unfortunately, too many newbies make the mistake of relying on search engines. This has the potential to be a very costly mistake.

For search engines to pick a sales page, among other things, it must be optimized with relevant keywords.

Use a free keyword tracker tool and see exactly what internet users are searching for. .

Say you have a chiropractic care e-book for sale. You will see that people are looking to “find a chiropractor,” wondering “can a chiropractor fix TMJ,” wondering the “difference between osteopath and a chiropractor,” and curious as to how they can find a “Seattle chiropractor.” Incorporate these phrases into your sales page and the search engines will lead internet users to your website.

Optimizing your sales page for the search engines sounds nice, but it isn’t full proof. Why should you do more & what else can you do? Read on.

1 – The Competition

If you want to sell PLR products, like an e-book or a set of PLR Videos, that same product was sold to 100 or more people. Many of those people are also trying to sell the same thing. For starters, that is why you should make a few edits, as you get a new, unique product. The overall theme is still the same though. For that reason, you will still have competition.

If 100 people bought the above mentioned chiropractic care e-book, you could expect to find at least 50 similar sales pages with similar keywords. Your sales page will still appear in Google and Yahoo search results, but possibly not until the tenth page. Rarely do internet users go that far into search results.

2 – Search Engine Optimization Isn’t Always Easy

For most individuals, search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is easy. For those just getting started, it requires trial and error. As recommended above, find a keyword tracker tool. Know what internet users are searching for, but don’t make a common mistake. That is only using popular phrases.

Thousands of people search each day wondering how to “work from home.” Work from home is one of the top searches performed and a keyword tracker will tell you this. Way down the list, you will find “work from home ideas.” Although only 20 people may use this phrase a day, people still use it and there is less competition for it.

It will require trial and error, but experiment with keywords and keyword placement. Rarely do internet marketers get SEO 100% perfect on the first try.

3 – Translates Into Less Money

Having Google lead people to your sales page is nice and easy, but it rarely translates into sales. People use the internet to do research, rarely are they looking to buy a product. You may get a few sales, but they will be limited. Market and advertise; target those who want to do more than just gather information, but make a purchase too.

4 – The Money You Can Lose

As for why buying, re-branding, and wanting to sell your PLR products is so popular it is because it has the potential to be a goldmine. It is common for buyers to make hundreds or thousands of dollars on one product alone! These individuals do more than just optimize a sales page and let it sit.

They invest time and money into marketing. Think of the money you may lose if you don’t. Would you rather sell your re-branded software program 100 times or 5,000 times?

5 – Your Other Options

Marketing a product and a sales page does require time and money, but is very easy.

You can make use of Google AdWords, Solo Ads, create an affiliate program and let others help you market and sell your product, Facebook Advertising, and so forth. Your options are endless and all are relatively easy.

So while SEO is important, solely relying on it to sell your plr products is not a good idea.

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