Google Custom Search – Add It To Your Site

Having a Google Search tool on your site comes in pretty handy. In some cases it can mean the keeping or losing of a site visitor.

So search is an important part of your site.

Because your site visitors head for your search box when they cannot locate the content they are looking for.

If you are still relying on your default search feature, that kinda already frustrated visitor is likely toGoogle Search box and how to add it to your site leave your site, never to return –  if their search results are zero.

Google Search To The Rescue

Luckily Google makes it fairly easy to add their free Custom Google Search Box to your site.

In the previous post I showed you that adding the PLR Video Transcripts to your Membership sites along with the training videos, can help your Members quickly locate videos simply by typing in a keyword or phrase into your sites search box.

Well not every sites (WordPress or not) default search feature works perfectly all the time.

This post will solve that problem by showing you step by step how to create, customize and add the Google Custom Search box to your site.

Do Your Eyes Glaze Over When You Hear Technobabble?

Do you tend to nod off or your eyes glaze over as soon as you hear technobabble like  API, Algorithm or HTML? Then this post & accompanying video is what you are looking for. Because you want to create customize and add the Google Custom Search box to your site.

Google Search Box image

In this video, you will see how easy it is to:
1. Create the required FREE account at Google.
2. Add a single or multiple sites to your Custom Google Search Box.
These sites do not have to be your own but you should at least have your site included. 😉

3 Customize the Theme of your Google Search Box.
4. Customize the colors to better match your sites look & feel.
5. You’ll do all this WITHOUT having to mess with any code.

There are a couple different ways to create and add the Google Custom Search Box to your site. The method I’m covering is the easiest & quickest.

Watch & see for yourself.

How To Add Google Search To Your Web Site

Thank you for checking out my post on how to add Google Custom Search to your WordPress site.

Does your site search function work as good as you need it too?  Have you tried adding Google Custom Search yet? 

Let me know your thoughts.

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