PLR Video Tip on How To Use Transcripts within your posts.

There are probably a few different ways you can benefit from adding audio transcripts from your videos or podcasts to your posts. This article will pretend you have something like a Membership site that offers training videos to it’s Members.

Using Transcripts For Better Site Search Owl ImageHere is the setup. You have a bunch of training videos in your Membership site. One of your Members need to locate one of the videos they watched several months back.  The current project they are working on requires something they remember bits and pieces about from that video.

Therefore, they know the video they are looking for has something to do with customizing the footer of their WordPress site but the Member has zero  clue which of the zillion videos on your site is the one they need.

Can Your Site Search Feature Search Through Videos?
Probably not.

Because your site search feature cannot search the audio of each video, the Members are left to do a lengthy & tedious search, watching enough of each video to know what they are looking for isn’t in that one. They then contact you for support (then you do the lengthy tedious search) or just give up and continue to take no action.


You have the video transcripts posted along with each video and the Member simply uses the site search feature to locate the video(s) that have that keyword or phrase within the transcripts.

Which Means – quicker than you can say “WOW That Is Amazing!” the Member has a search results page that has all the sites content matching the search phrase.

Transcripts Make Search Engines Happy!

Here is a quick video showing what I’m talking about. Enjoy and post any comments, questions or suggestions in the comments section below:

Improve Site Search With Transcripts

In my next post I’ll show you how to add and customize the Google Custom Search box to your site.

Feel free to share this post with your friends. See if they are using transcripts in their posts that contain podcasts or videos. I’d like to hear from you as well. Are you using transcripts in your posts or elsewhere?

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