WordPress eCommerce PLR Articles Volume 1

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White Label Written & Video Content You Can Call Your Own!
Platinum Level Quality At An Aluminum Foil Price!!!

Introducing the WordPress eCommerce Article Pack Volume 1.
Be an authority in the WordPress eCommerce space with this content.
These articles will provide your hungry readers with high-quality content to consume.

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Instantly have written and/or video content you can use as-is (yes, it is that good)
  • Rebrand the content & sell as your own product keeping 100% of the money
  • Stop worrying about the quality of the content you post on your site
  • Spend time on your business instead of in it, by NOT having to research topics then having to produce the content
  • No longer having to hire someone to write for you that barely speaks your language let alone write in it

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

You CAN with high-quality done-for-you content.

In fact, high-quality content in either video or written form is known to generate tons of traffic to websites and offers. Unfortunately, the top ghostwriters and video creators charge tens if not hundreds of dollars for that content.

That’s why you’re going to love WordPress eCommerce Article Pack Volume 1.

WordPress eCommerce brandable PLR written articles box cover images

WP eCommerce Themes (847 Words)

WP eCommerce Plugins (1016 Words)

WP eCommerce Tips (1025 Words)

WP eCommerce Photos (1081 Words)

WP eCommerce Mobile Friendly (532 Words)

WP eCommerce Products & Descriptions (1268 Words)

I Have Been Teaching and Writing About WordPress Since 2008

So not too toot my own horn (just kidding, I love tooting my own horn) but my knowledge of WordPress combined with my years of video creating on the subject and writing my own video scripts, all equal a much higher quality of instruction-based content…

Want to make more than you spent?

Easy – just do a quick rebrand of your new WordPress eCommerce content by adding new graphics, changing the title, and reselling the articles as your own creations.

Looking for traffic generating high-quality content?

Post this content as-is or make whatever adjustments you need to make it ‘your voice’. Then take snippets and use them as social media posts linking back to your site content.

With these WordPress eCommerce articles, you can see the quality of each article before you buy. Each article has its Grammarly score displayed next to it right here on this page. I run all my articles through Grammarly so that I am giving you not just search-engine-loving instructional content, but that content is easily understood by you and your readers.

Each Article Has a Grammarly Score of 99 Out of 100​

What does this Grammarly Score mean? Here is a quick explanation from Grammarly

WP eCommerce 10 Tips - Grammarly Score

WP eCommerce Tips

WP eCommerce 10 Tips - Grammarly Score

WP eCommerce Plugins

WP eCommerce 10 Tips - Grammarly Score

WP eCommerce Themes

WP eCommerce 10 Tips - Grammarly Score

WP eCommerce Product Images & Optimizing Them (Photos)

WP eCommerce 10 Tips - Grammarly Score

WP eCommerce Sites Mobile-Friendly

WP eCommerce 10 Tips - Grammarly Score

WP eCommerce Products & Descriptions

Your PLR License To These Articles

You CAN NOT Sell or Give Away PLR, Master or Resell Rights (without Resellers License)
(you have a non-transferable PLR License)

You CAN Sell these, You just CAN NOT sell anything other than Personal Use Rights

Yup! That Is It!
To Be Clear – You CAN Do Anything except the items listed above.

  • Use them as-is on your own websites for instant content
  • Sprinkle within the content you post, links to your paid course of the same topic (hint-hint)
  • Sell them as-is or even better, make minor edits and add new graphics to remove any competition
  • Combine them into a single eBook for giveaway or bonuses to similar affiliate products

Written Article Format:

Each written article comes to you in PDFWord, and TXT formats.

Just a quick side note: if you do not have MS Word, you can use Google Docs to edit Microsoft Word documents and even save them as a Word Doc or as a Google Doc or both.

WordPress eCommerce green-doc icon image
Microsoft Word Document
WordPress eCommerce green-pdf icon image
PDF Document
WordPress eCommerce green-txt icon image
Plain Text Document

In the Video Articles, each video article comes to you in MP4 and PowerPoint formats.

For the most part, these Video Articles are the written articles of the same name that I converted to a PowerPoint-style video.

Here is a brief sample

Video Article Format:

WordPress eCommerce green-mp4 icon image
MP4 Video Format
WordPress eCommerce green-ppt icon image
PowerPoint Slide Deck

Just a quick side note, if you do not have MS Powerpoint, you can use Google Slides to edit Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Decks. If you are a Mac User then you can also convert PPT Slide Decks to be used in Keynote.

Both Article (Written & Video) Formats Come With Its Own eCover Graphics. The Written Format Has The Box Graphic and The Video Format Has The Vista Graphic.

The images are all in PNG format with transparent backgrounds.

Even though I went to the trouble of creating these images for you, it is still recommended to get all new graphics for any PLR you plan to resell.

You also receive the PSD Image Source file of the ‘Flat’ so you can more easily create new graphics using PhotoShop, Gimp or the free web-based PhotoPea.

WordPress eCommerce Tips articles box-shot
WordPress eCommerce Tips brandable PLR video articles box cover images
WordPress eCommerce Tips articles Flat
WordPress eCommerce Themes Articles box-shot
WordPress eCommerce Themes brandable PLR video articles box cover images
WordPress eCommerce Themes Articles Flat image
WordPress eCommerce Product Descriptions box-shot image
WordPress eCommerce Products and Descriptions brandable PLR video articles box cover images
WordPress eCommerce Product Descriptions Flat image
WordPress eCommerce Photo Optimization box-shot image
WordPress eCommerce Photos brandable PLR video articles box cover images
WordPress eCommerce Photo Optimization Flat Image
WordPress eCommerce Plugins box-shot Image
WordPress eCommerce Plugins brandable PLR video articles box cover images
WordPress eCommerce Plugins Flat image
WordPress eCommerce Mobile Friendly Site articles box-shot
WordPress eCommerce Mobile Friendly brandable PLR video articles box cover images
WordPress eCommerce Mobile Friendly Site articles flat image

Special Bonuses For Taking Action!

Fast-Action Bonus #1: (PLR)
How To Write Blog Posts That Sell​

WordPress eCommerce Bonus How To Write Blog Posts That Sell box image

You will likely use your blog as an important sales tool, regardless of what kind of business you are running.

Every post is a chance to make a sale or warm someone up to an idea.

You might be selling a product, or you might be selling people on the idea of joining your list in exchange for a lead magnet.

Either way, your blog posts are some of the most important sales tools in your arsenal.

But heads up…

This is only true if you know how to write blog posts that sell.

So how do you craft effective blog posts that sell like crazy?

Simple, with the ten steps detailed in this bonus guide.

For an added layer of bonus greatness, this 10-step guide comes with Private Label Rights!

Fast-Action Bonus #2: (PLR)
How To Create Ten Different Types of Blog Posts in Under Ten Minutes​

WordPress eCommerce Bonus How To Create Different Types of Blog Posts box image

No matter what kind of business you run online, there’s a good chance you have a blog. And if you have a blog, then you need a lot of content.

But here’s the problem…
It can take a lot of time to create that content.

That is one reason why my WordPress eCommerce Article Pack Volume 1 is such a great offer.

Even though you have my content to resell and use, you will continue to need more content. You will need that continual flow of content to keep your readers happy and coming back for more.

Here is the true bonus with this bonus – it teaches you ten different types of blog posts you can create.

So in addition to teaching you and your readers about creating ten different blog post types, this guide comes to you with PLR so you can use and resell it.

Take a look…

Fast-Action Bonus #3: (PLR)
eCommerce Simplified

WordPress eCommerce Bonus eCommerce Simplified box image

eCommerce is one of the only systems you can use to make money online that is truly long-lasting and sustainable and, in a profitable niche, can keep making you money for many years to come.

In fact, there are ordinary people with no business background, no advanced education, and no huge starting bank account balances who are making millions selling everyday items.

With the advent of systems like Shopify and WooCommerce that make it easier than ever to set up an online store without vast programming knowledge or deep pockets, eCommerce is booming like never before.

If you’re interested in starting your own online store, I recommend reading this guide from start to finish.

So let’s get started.

Bonus To The Bonus!
All Three Of These Bonuses Come With Transferable PLR!

You can, of course, learn a great deal from them. Also, you can use these as-is, edit them to your own ‘voice’ and post them to your own blog, resell them, and even offer an upgrade version with PLR. Each bonus comes with the source files, graphics, and license. 

Here’s What A Few Of Steve’s Customers Are Saying About The Quality Of His Products & Service:

Whether you choose just the written or just the video or both written and video article packs, you will receive those 3 PLR bonuses.

Plus, I’ve removed all the risk from the equation with my…

Money Back Guarantee

So, if you are ready to give it a go –

Then Don’t Wait Any Longer – You Can

Here Are Just A Few Ways You Can Profit From This PLR Package

  • You Can Sell Your Written and/or Video Articles and Keep 100% Of The Profits.
  • You Can Re-package Into Multiple Products.
  • You Can Edit Them To Match Your Brand.
  • Use Them For Offline Marketing Training.
  • Combine The Written Articles Into A Single Report For Resell, Bonus or List Building Giveaway
  • You Can Use Them As Promotional Material For Another eCommerce Product (hint hint)
  • Use Them As Content For Your Website Posts. Same For The Bonus Video Content On OpenShot.
  • Add Them To Your Paid Membership Site

..And So Much More!

Written Article Format


  • Six Written Articles
  • Each Article is 500 to 1200 Words
  • Grammarly Score of 99/100
  • Word Doc, TXT & PDF Formats
  • Box Shot Images w/PSD

A. Use it as-is.
B. Edit it and use it.
C. Sell, then keep all the money.
D. All of the above

Most Popular

Written & Video Article Formats

Get the best of both formats for a single purchase!

  • Six Written Articles
  • Six Video Articles
  • Each Article is 500 to 1200 Words
  • Each Video is 3 to 7 Minutes
  • Grammarly Score of 99/100
  • PPT Slides For Easy Editing
  • Word Doc, TXT & PDF Formats
  • Web-Ready MP4 Format
  • Box Shot Images w/PSD
  • Vista Shot Images w/PSD

A. Use it as-is.
B. Edit it and use it.
C. Sell, then keep all the money.
D. All of the above

Video Article Format


  • Six Video Articles
  • Each Video 3 to 7 Minutes
  • PPT Slides For Easy Edits
  • Web-Ready MP4 Format
  • Vista Shot Style Images w/PSD

A. Use it as-is.
B. Edit it and use it.
C. Sell, then keep all the money.
D. All of the above

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To Your Success,
Steve Dougherty

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Steve Dougherty

P.S. Remember that your purchase of this WordPress eCommerce Article Pack Volume 1 is covered by my 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee – so you risk nothing if the offer does not meet your expectations.

*The WordPress name and text used here are for descriptive purposes only. We are not affiliated with WordPress in any way, nor do they endorse these products. But it would be pretty cool if they did. We have presented this offer to help you and your business grow.