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Looking for high-quality content you can use as website content, resell, or just learn from?


Are You Sick & Tired Of Expensive Website Hosting & The Lousy Support That Comes With It…

If you’re like most people who have or want to have an online business or even a side gig, you know you need quality website hosting that also provides great support when you need it.

You see others using the popular website hosting platforms, but they are either out of your price range, or you have heard about the terrible support they have.

Believe me, I know what it’s like.

Since 2008, I’ve had at least one website online, and since 2008, I’ve had one bad web-hosting experience after another.

I’ve had free hosting services (I still have a couple for testing but not for live sites), cheap, medium, and high-priced hosting services.

Each of these services had attractive components, but none checked all four of the important boxes:
1-Budget Friendly
2-Fast Website Load Times
3-Secure Website Features
4-Awesome Support When Needed

What if I told you there was an affordable option that provides top-quality support and super-fast & secure servers?

Discover the High-Bar Support & Money-Saving Hosting You Have Been Looking For … So You Can Profit From The Success That Comes With Lightning Fast & Super-Secure Websites!

I’m talking about Cloud-Based Website Hosting.

But wait a second…

These “Cloud-Servers” require a bunch of tech-wizardry to set them up and make sure everything is configured properly…

Don’t They?

Server packages from companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, & DigitalOcean all come with a hefty learning curve – that is true.


I am here to flatten that learning curve with my new white-label, over-the-shoulder style video training course.

Introducing My Cloudways 101 Course!

Cloud Hosting with Cloudways Box Cover

Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

My Cloudways 101 Training Makes It Easy for Anyone (and I mean anyone) to Set Up Cloud-Based Web Servers …

Even If You’re Not a “Tech-Wizard”

If you want to join the ranks of online income entrepreneurs, then you need your own website.

That should go without saying, but I wanted to say it anyway.

So you are going to need a high-quality hosting service, or you will spend your time fighting with support to fix things or learn to fix them yourself.

Or you can spend hundreds per month on a managed service, but which managed service is the best?

How can I afford that cost when I’m just starting?

Plus, many of the managed hosting services have limitations on what you can add to your site in the way of plugins to make things work the way YOU want them to.

Those are just some of the questions I had when I first decided to start searching for cloud hosting.

While I was able to get an overview of cloud-based server configuration, I wasn’t able to find the do-this, do-that, step-by-step guide I wanted…

So I made my own!

Now you have two options:

Option One – spend the multiple hours/days that I did doing the whole Google This & Google That.

Break or mess something up because the info I found was outdated or just wrong, so I contacted Cloudways support, and they were super helpful.

Then, repeat this for every aspect of setting up your server and securing your website.


Option Two – Get this course, follow the over-the-shoulder style do-this then do-that training, and have not only your cloud-based server set up and properly configured but also your now super fast and secure WordPress site up and running within a couple of hours.

The Cloud Hosting with Cloudways Training program can be used and/or resold as website content or even as part of a training course.

Plus, you can even rebrand all or part of the training.

Great multi-purpose content equals a greater ROI!

The Cloudways 101 Training program comes in 23 detail-packed videos along with the mp3 audio files in case you want to listen on the go.

Also included are the transcripts, a complete marketing package with a minisite, and extra graphics

My Offer

High-Quality Videos You Won’t Hear Any ‘UM-BUTS’ Or ‘BUT-UMS’ In These Videos!

Here Is A List Of The 23 Video Titles In This
Cloudways 101 Training Series

Video 1-Cloudways Introduction
Running Time: 4:42

Video 2-Cloudways-sign up and install wp
Running Time: 1:42

Video 3-Cloudways-Install WP
Running Time: 6:24

Video 4-Cloudways-New-Unified-Look-intro
Running Time: 4:45

Video 5-Cloudways-Buy and connect Domain
Running Time: 4:20

Video 6-Cloudways-add ssl
Running Time: 2:36

Video 7-Cloudways-Connect subdomain
Running Time: 8:47

Video 8-Cloudways-Migrate existing site-Part1-Free version
Running Time: 4:12

Video 9-Cloudways-Migrate existing site part2-DIY version
Running Time: 7:48

Video 10-Cloudways-Connect SFTP
Running Time: 5:39

Video 11-Cloudways-Speed Test
Running Time: 3:12

Video 12-Cloudways-emails-Google
Running Time: 10:18

Video 13-Cloudways-emails-Domain
Running Time: 4:34

Video 14-Cloudways-emails-Rackspace
Running Time: 5:51

Video 15-Cloudways-Connect To Cloudflare
Running Time: 7:53

Video 16-Cloudways-Connect To Cloudflare Enterprise
Running Time: 11:19

Video 17-Cloudways-Server Optimization
Running Time: 6:53

Video 18-Cloudways-Monitor Traffic and Analytics
Running Time: 4:46

Video 19-Cloudways-Application Optimization
Running Time: 6:54

Video 20-Cloudways-Server Scaling
Running Time: 15:07

Video 21-Cloudways-Project Management
Running Time: 4:27

Video 22-Cloudways-Create Teams
Running Time: 5:18

Video 23-Cloudways-Create Staging Site
Running Time: 10:35

Special Bonuses For Taking Action!

Fast-Action Bonus #1:

This just under an hour video covers many aspects of creating new content from existing content.

For example how to replace an existing audio track with your own voiceover.

Or, rebranding the videos with your custom Title & Credits Screen.

Adding clickable hotspots to the videos, adding watermarks for security & more.

Repurposing eBooks & Videos can add loads more content for you to use in your business.

Fast-Action Bonus #2:

OpenShot video editor content is a fantastic partner to the other OpenSource (Audacity) training – hint hint.

In this bonus set, you receive 10+ videos, MP3 audio, and transcripts for each video.

The OpenShot video content is licensed so you can use as web content, edit it as you see fit, and even sell it. This Master Resell Rights license is more relaxed than the one covering the Cloudways 101 content. With this MRR License, you can resell the resell license for an even greater ROI!

Here’s What A Few Of Steve’s Customers Are Saying About The Quality Of His Products & Service:

With this over-the-shoulder style video content, it is just like I was there sitting at your computer with you but with these videos, neither you or your customers will have to pay the one-on-one coaching costs.

You can grab your Private Label Rights version of The Cloudways 101 Training for a one-time payment of just $37.00.

Plus I’ve removed all the risk from the equation with my…

Money Back Guarantee

So if you are ready to give it a go –

Then Don’t Wait Any Longer – You Can

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Yes Steve, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To This White Label Cloudways 101 Training Content!

  1. All 203 Training Videos In Hi-Def 1280×720 MP4 Format
  2. All additional training content AND All Updates (I regularly add more videos and update existing ones)
  3. The BONUS Products. (bonus video editing class CAN NOT be passed onto your customers)
  4. The MP3 Audio files from ALL 23 training videos
  5. Unbranded Sample video
  6. License Certificates for you (PLR) & your customers (Personal User Rights)

Here is a SAMPLE of the PLR License

Cloudways Training Videos Sample PLR License

Here Are Just A Few Ways You Can Profit From This
Cloudways 101 PLR Package

  • You Can Sell Your Videos and Keep 100% Of The Profits.
  • You Can Re-package Into Multiple Products.
  • You Can Edit Your Videos To Match Your Brand.
  • Use Them For Offline Marketing Training.
  • You Can Re-Purpose Your Videos Into Slides or even Graphics-Packed eBooks.
  • Use Them For Personal Use, These Training Videos Are Awesome.
  • Use Them As Content For Your Website Posts. Same For The Bonus Video Content On OpenShot.
  • Add Them To Your Paid Membership Site

*I purposely left a few videos very long so you can split them into multiple videos to have a more unique offer

..And So Much More!

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To Your Success,
Steve Dougherty

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Steve Dougherty

P.S. Remember your purchase of these White Label Cloudways 101 Training videos is covered by my 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee – so you risk nothing if the videos do not live up to your expectations.

*The Cloudways name and text used here are for descriptive purposes only. We have presented these videos to help you and your business grow.