Looking for high-quality content you can use as website content, resell, or just learn from?


Have you ever wanted to use a high-powered website editor but could not afford any of the great ones?

Believe me, I know what it’s like.

If you’re like most people who need to edit code for a living or even a side gig, you see others using the popular and expensive code editors, but those are simply out of your budget range.

Sure you could save up some money by not eating for a couple of weeks or ride your bike to work more often. But then you realize that not eating will cause more problems AND YOU DON’T EVEN OWN A BIKE!

What if I told you there was an affordable option from the company that brought us Dreamweaver only this option is 100% FREE!

No tricks – no gimmicks and there is a version for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

I’m talking about the Brackets Code Editor.

The Brackets editor has been around for over 6 years and is fully supported and constantly updated and yes – it is free.

The one drawback is that it does come with a bit of a learning curve.

I’m here to fix that for you right now!

Because today, I’m thrilled to announce our brand new “Brackets Code Editor Basic Training” program.

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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

The Brackets Basic Training program will take you from installing the program to editing professional website templates in a little under 2 hours.

Even less time than that if you have previous experience with other code editors.

Brackets Code Editor Basic Training can be used or resold as website content or even as part of a training course.

Plus you can even sell the rights for your Customers to resell as well.

Great multi-purpose content equals a greater ROI!

The Brackets Basic Training program comes in over 20+ bite-sized videos along with the mp3 audio files in case you want to listen on the go.

Also included are the transcripts, a complete marketing package with a minisite, and extra graphics.

My Offer

High-Quality Videos You Won’t Hear Any ‘UM-BUTS’ Or ‘BUT-UMS’ In These Videos!

Here Is A List Of The 21 Video Titles In This Training Series

1. Introduction To Brackets
2. Install Brackets
3. Tour of Brackets Interface
4. Brackets Themes
5. Brackets Menu-File
6. Brackets Menu-Edit
7. Brackets Menu-Find
8. Brackets Menu-View
9. Brackets Menu-Navigate
10. Brackets Menu-Debug & Help
11. Customize Preferences File

12. User Key Map
13. Extensions-Customize Shortcuts (to fix conflicts covered in previous class)
14. Extensions-Adding & Managing
15. Extensions-Emmet
16. Extensions-Beautify
17. Extensions-Brackets Icons
18. Extensions-Custom Work
19. Live Preview
20. Live Preview In Non-Chrome Browser
21. Demo Use & Edit HTML Template

Special Bonuses For Taking Action!

Fast-Action Bonus #1:

This just under an hour video covers many aspects of creating new content from existing content.

For example how to replace an existing audio track with your own voiceover.

Or, rebranding the videos with your custom Title & Credits Screen.

Adding clickable hotspots to the videos, adding watermarks for security & more.

Repurposing eBooks & Videos can add loads more content for you to use in your business.

Fast-Action Bonus #2:

OpenShot video editor content is a fantastic partner to the other OpenSource (Audacity) training – hint hint.

In this bonus set, you receive 10+ videos, MP3 audio, and transcripts for each video.

The OpenShot video content is licensed so you can use as web content, edit it as you see fit, and even sell it. This Master Resell Rights license is just like the one covering the Brackets Code Editor Basic Training content.

This allows you to use them together on your site as well as sell them as a package deal.

Here’s What A Few Of Steve’s Customers Are Saying About The Quality Of His Products & Service:

With this over-the-shoulder style video content, it is just like I was there sitting at your computer with you but with these videos, neither you or your customers will have to pay the one-on-one coaching costs.

As mentioned at the top of this letter, you can grab your Private Label Rights version of the Brackets Code Editor Basic Training for a one-time payment of just $37.00.

Plus I’ve removed all the risk from the equation with my…

Money Back Guarantee

So if you are ready to give it a go –

Then Don’t Wait Any Longer – You Can

Your Order Is 100% Safe & Secure

Your Secure Order Will Be Processed Immediately

Yes Steve, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To This White Label Brackets Code Editor Basic Training Content!

1. All 20+ Training Videos In Hi-Def 1280×720 MP4 Format

2. All additional training content AND All Updates (I regularly add more videos and update existing ones)

3. The BONUS Products. (Fast Action Bonus #1 CAN NOT be passed onto your customers)

4. The MP3 Audio files from ALL 20+ training videos

5. The Transcripts from those 20+ MP3 Audio files

6. Unbranded Sample video

7. License Certificates for you (PLR) & your customers (Master Resell Rights & Personal User Rights)

Here is a SAMPLE of the PLR License

Brackets Code Editor Sample PLR License

Here Are Just A Few Ways You Can Profit From This PLR Package

  • You Can Sell Your Videos and Keep 100% Of The Profits.
  • You Can Re-package Into Multiple Products.
  • You Can Edit Your Videos To Match Your Brand.
  • Use Them For Offline Marketing Training.
  • You Can Re-Purpose Your Videos Into Slides or even Graphics-Packed eBooks.
  • Use Them For Personal Use, These Training Videos Are Awesome.
  • Use Them As Content For Your Website Posts. Same For The Bonus Video Content On OpenShot.
  • Add Them To Your Paid Membership Site

..And So Much More!

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To Your Success,
Steve Dougherty

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Steve Dougherty

P.S. Remember your purchase of these White Label Brackets Code Editor Basic Training videos is covered by my seven-day, 100% money-back guarantee – so you risk nothing if the videos do not live up to your expectations.

*The Brackets name and text used here are for descriptive purposes only. We are not affiliated with Brackets in any way, nor do they endorse these products. But it would be pretty cool if they did. We have presented these videos to help you and your business grow.